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Referendum Advertising

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Here's a quick wee look at who is spending cash to sway opinion on the big search term of 'Scottish Independence' (49500 searches every month in the UK).

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Indyref ads Page 1

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So at the time of writing, the ads are pretty much dominated by the 'no' campaign, with the exception of 'Wings over Scotland', before dissolving into auto-generated shopping nonsense.

Google's adwords tool suggests a bid of 33p per click should get you near the top of these results, but with around 1600 searches every day, you'll need deep pockets if you want to get the lion's share of that traffic on your site.

Nevertheless - it's strange to see the Yes campaign isn't even competing for such an important keyword. Maybe they are and have already blown their daily budget (writing this at 2pm) but it'd be interesting to investigate further.

Since you're here - you might also be interested in this entry on independence related searches.

Will be back with more on this soon, so follow for updates on twitter/facebook/google plus for the next update (or connect on linkedin if you prefer).

Monday, 26 May 2014 21:13

Scottish Independence Search Trends

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With September 18th less than 4 months away, it's time to have another look over the search trends related to Scottish Independence.

I last visited the topic in March 2013, found some interesting stats, and in response, setup twizz.co.uk which now ranks no.1 for the term 'Scottish Independence Pros and Cons'.

That was over a year ago, and it's reasonable to assume that the proximity of the referendum and increased media coverage is likely to have considerably impacted the number of people searching for relevant information online.

Let's kick off with a quick look at the Twizz.co.uk visitor figures:

Twizz visitor stats

The vast majority of visitors find the site through google with searches including some variation on the theme of pros and cons. On average they spend just over a minute reading the page that sets out the most popular arguments for both sides, and then they leave, which is fair enough as there's nothing much else on that site for them to do.

So - using Twizz traffic as a base, there are definitely a lot more people searching for information on both sides of the argument.

If you read over the post from back in March, you'll know there is a massive amount of variation in the way people search for their independence info. The difficult part is attempting to identify the intent behind the search.

If someone types 'for Scottish independence' or 'against Scottish independence' into Google, what are they looking for - and for what purpose? Arguments to reinforce their debates amongst friends and family perhaps? Weighing up both sides of an argument? Maybe they're researching to prepare responses to those arguments.

Ultimately, we can only guess, or make assumptions - so what I'll do here is present some of the relevant information I can find and leave it to you to interpet the meaning behind the statistics as you see fit.

Google Trends

First of all, we need to understand the searches people are typing into Google. Here's an online spreadsheet with average monthly UK searches related to 'Scottish Independence'.

This data in itself is an interesting snapshot of how people in the UK phrase their searches for information, and as you scroll down you can see concerns about currency and EU membership are amongst the most searched for specific concerns.

Now we know the most popular related searches. Let's have a look at the trends.

Searches related to 'Independence' completed in Scotland in the last 12 months

'Scottish Independence', 'Scottish Independence Poll' and 'Scotland Independence'

UK searches in the last 12 months.

Major peaks in interest with the white paper announcement and the currency debate, after which we see a fairly steady level of searches which is likely to continue to increase until the referendum.

For vs. Against

Just for the sake of it:

That's all for now - will be back with more on this soon, so follow for updates on twitter/facebook/google plus for the next update (or connect on linkedin if you prefer).
Friday, 18 April 2014 12:45

New Fife Roofer Site Launches

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Shepherd Roofing And Slating

Gradually becoming live today (as the domain name transfers), we have a new site for Shepherd Roofing and Slating. The team at Shepherd Roofing cover a wide variety of roofing materials and construction types and the site is full of related content - loads of content!

We considered everything a potential customer might want to know about before picking up the phone for a roof repair, so we have pages about accreditation, testimonials, history (3 generations of roofers!). We've also included plenty of photos of their previous work, and rolled everything together into an easy to navigate, mobile friendly, responsive site, that's designed to really show off Shepherd Roofing's expertise and get them some great leads.

The technical optimisation is spot-on throughout this site, and we've included twitter, google+ and facebook - with auto updates where possible related to the website's blog (which Martin will be updating regularly) - please visit and have a browse: www.shepherdroofingandslating.co.uk

Monday, 14 April 2014 17:45

Unusual Hen Party Ideas

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Pants Party

Here's a great promotional video for Party Pants, who we're doing some promotional work with just now.

Party Pants from Chief Brief on Vimeo.

They've got a fantastic proposition, a great brand, and a product that lends itself to social sharing on so many levels it hurts!

Keep an eye out for them and give them a call if you're planning a hen party.

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